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As you may figure from its name, a vape pod system makes them characterize trademark. It uses a pod to hold and afterward disintegrate your e-juice, as opposed to an atomizer or tank that commonly goes with a standard mod. These gadgets are regularly portrayed as "across the board" or "AIO," in light of the fact that they incorporate all you require for vaping: the cartridges with the underlying loop, a wick, and e-juice. You will not have to connect a tank or atomizer, in light of the fact that a pod system is an independent gadget.

Normal vape pods can hold somewhere in the range of 1 mL to 3mL of e-juice, which functions admirably for customary vape meetings. These gadgets run somewhat bigger than the thin and reduced e-cigarettes available, yet they do will in general be significantly more modest than a normal box mod. You can discover pod systems that have the smooth, cutting edge look of a USB drive, or ones that have been intended to copy the solid style of a customary box mod.

Despite the fact that VEIIK vape pod systems are quite clear, there is one significant choice you'll need to make when buying one: picking an open system versus a shut system. At last, choosing which one you need boils down to individual inclination and vape style.

An open system vape pod is topped off physically by the vaper, making it conceivable to utilize your #1 e-juice with your pod system. Regularly, you should simply unscrew or unplug the top, at that point top off the pod with a dropper or needle. Depending on the model, you may even have the option to pour the fluid straightforwardly from the e-juice bottle into the pod. Clearly, perhaps the greatest advantage to this sort of pod system is the capacity to utilize your favored e-juice, considering total opportunity regarding flavors and nicotine levels. Additionally, numerous vapers track down that open systems produce a smoother draw and greater, more voluminous mists.

Regarding disadvantages, an open system vape pod can now and again make it somewhat hard to switch between juice flavors, and some vapers would prefer not to manage tops off by any stretch of the imagination. You should plan to perform ordinary cartridge and curl substitutions, which aren't really muddled yet may be a major issue for a few.

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